Counselling service


Aga Counselling will use online platform or phone to offer remote counselling. We will discuss which way is suitable prior to commencing sessions.

What is counselling

Counselling is a form of talking therapy, where you talk about issues and problems that you are facing in your life.

Counselling provide you with the opportunity to share your views, be heard and gain new perspectives on your situation and experiences.

Counselling helps by allowing a safe and private space for you to talk about issues and problems that you are having. These are problems that you may find difficult to talk to other people about because they feel very private. It may feel unsafe or uncomfortable to talk to your normal support network, friends or loved ones. Counselling helps to gain clarity with surrounding issues.

How I work

I am a professional, trained, and registered counsellor, and I will provide you with a genuine, caring, and empathic response to your problems. As a trained counsellor I have tools and techniques that I use to support you or help you to move through the difficult problem, feelings, behaviours, thoughts or situation that you are experiencing.

I offer counselling that is client-centred. The goal is for you as the client to make the decision on the best course of action. You are making the decision on what is best for you.

I understand that not every counsellor can help every client. As a professional, trained counsellor, I am able to recognise when I cannot help someone and refer clients to alternative mental health supports for counselling

Counselling is an individual experience and choosing the right counsellor for you is important.

We can discuss your needs and expectations to ensure it is right for you.

I offer long term and short-term counselling, phone and online. Providing you with a regular, safe space to explore your feelings.

brown concrete building during daytime
brown concrete building during daytime
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difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations desk decor
Walk and Talk Counselling

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Step into a new way of therapy.

Walk and Talk Counselling combines traditional talking therapy with the beauty of nature. Connect with yourself and the world around you as you explore the healing power of walking in nature.

Not all clients feel comfortable talking in a counselling room, some appreciate being outside and connecting with nature, surrounding colours and fresh air.

Walk and Talk Counselling combines traditional talking therapy with walking in nature. It offers a relaxing environment for you whilst encouraging healthy activity. The movement that happens whilst walking may help you to feel unstuck.

During our outdoor counselling session, while we walk side by side, you can share words, emotions, thoughts as each step is taken. Being outdoors is a physically more relaxing experience for your body, and therefore your mind is freer to open up.

During a Walk and Talk therapy session, you lead the pace. Walking together side by side, can feel more comfortable, as being outdoors helps to reduce feeling anxious of potential intensity of the eye contact.

Your first session will take place online where we will discuss issues of confidentiality. It is important to remember that people walking and talking side by side is a very common sight and therefore a client and therapist walking side by side doesn't look any different.

I am inviting you to try this beneficial way of counselling. Walk and Talk Counselling is a great opportunity for you to get into nature. However, we can agree to return to standard therapy sessions at any time you like. Additionally, we may decide not to work outdoors during the winter for example.


£40 per 60-minute assessment session

£50 per 50-minute Walk and Talk session

£50 per 50-minute daytime session

£55 per 50-minute evening session

£60 per 50-minute weekend session

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photo of empty park during daytime
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yellow square card on white surface